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This is the algorithm made to initialize walkers. More...

#include <QMCMikesJackedWalkerInitialization.h>

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 QMCMikesJackedWalkerInitialization (QMCInput *input)
 Create an instance of the clas and initializes it.
Array2D< double > initializeWalkerPosition ()
 Generates a new walker.

Private Member Functions

Array2D< double > electrons_and_radii ()
double covalent_radi (int ZZ)

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Detailed Description

This is the algorithm made to initialize walkers.

It is based on figuring out how many electrons should be on each atom followed by putting them in a gaussian around the atom. This is by far a method which needs a serious overhaul. This was a quick fix to initializing the walkers and the ideas are borrowed from CASINO. This method of initializing is probably very inefficient. This goes without mentioning how ugly the code is. This is a great place for further future work. A huge dent will likely be made on the "Initialization Catastrophe" problem here.

Definition at line 35 of file QMCMikesJackedWalkerInitialization.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QMCMikesJackedWalkerInitialization::QMCMikesJackedWalkerInitialization ( QMCInput input  ) 

Create an instance of the clas and initializes it.

input input data for the calculation

Definition at line 19 of file QMCMikesJackedWalkerInitialization.cpp.

References Input.

Member Function Documentation

Array2D< double > QMCMikesJackedWalkerInitialization::initializeWalkerPosition (  )  [virtual]

Generates a new walker.

new walker configuration represented by a $N \times 3$ matrix

Implements QMCInitializeWalker.

Definition at line 24 of file QMCMikesJackedWalkerInitialization.cpp.

References QMCMolecule::Atom_Positions, electrons_and_radii(), QMCInput::flags, Random::gasdev(), QMCWavefunction::getNumberElectrons(), Input, QMCInput::Molecule, QMCFlags::Natoms, PI, ran, and QMCInput::WF.

Array2D< double > QMCMikesJackedWalkerInitialization::electrons_and_radii (  )  [private]

double QMCMikesJackedWalkerInitialization::covalent_radi ( int  ZZ  )  [private]

Definition at line 362 of file QMCMikesJackedWalkerInitialization.cpp.

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Referenced by electrons_and_radii().

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