QMCAmosBoringWalkerInitialization Class Reference

#include <QMCAmosBoringWalkerInitialization.h>

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 QMCAmosBoringWalkerInitialization (QMCInput *input)
 Create an instance of the clas and initializes it.
Array2D< double > initializeWalkerPosition ()
 Generates a new walker.

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Definition at line 22 of file QMCAmosBoringWalkerInitialization.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QMCAmosBoringWalkerInitialization::QMCAmosBoringWalkerInitialization ( QMCInput input  )  [inline]

Create an instance of the clas and initializes it.

input input data for the calculation

Definition at line 30 of file QMCAmosBoringWalkerInitialization.h.

References Input.

Member Function Documentation

Array2D< double > QMCAmosBoringWalkerInitialization::initializeWalkerPosition (  )  [virtual]

Generates a new walker.

new walker configuration represented by a $N \times 3$ matrix

Implements QMCInitializeWalker.

Definition at line 15 of file QMCAmosBoringWalkerInitialization.cpp.

References Array2D< T >::dim1(), Array2D< T >::dim2(), Random::gasdev(), QMCWavefunction::getNumberBasisFunctions(), QMCWavefunction::getNumberElectrons(), Input, ran, and QMCInput::WF.

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