QMCConfigIO.cpp File Reference

#include "QMCConfigIO.h"

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static const bool inBinary = true
 You want to be writting in binary, unless you're debugging.

Variable Documentation

const bool inBinary = true [static]

You want to be writting in binary, unless you're debugging.

The inBinary parameter is ignored if HDF5 is enabled.

Testing on matrix at least, HDF5 is slower than writing in binary, when the speeds maybe should be comparable. So, more tuning is probably appropriate on a system by system basis.

Each configuration writes/reads 4 doubles and 2 arrays. The big question is whether these should go into one dataset, or two datasets (the arrays are the same dimensions), or 3 datasets.

This does not use the high level HDF5 API.

Definition at line 26 of file QMCConfigIO.cpp.

Referenced by QMCConfigIO::open(), QMCConfigIO::QMCConfigIO(), QMCConfigIO::readCorrelatedSamplingConfiguration(), and QMCConfigIO::writeCorrelatedSamplingConfiguration().

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