QMCBasisFunctionCoefficients.cpp File Reference

#include "QMCBasisFunctionCoefficients.h"
#include "StringManipulation.h"
#include <iomanip>

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void type_to_xyz (string type, int &x, int &y, int &z)
istream & operator>> (istream &strm, QMCBasisFunctionCoefficients &rhs)
ostream & operator<< (ostream &strm, QMCBasisFunctionCoefficients &rhs)

Function Documentation

ostream& operator<< ( ostream &  strm,
QMCBasisFunctionCoefficients rhs 

istream& operator>> ( istream &  strm,
QMCBasisFunctionCoefficients rhs 

void type_to_xyz ( string  type,
int &  x,
int &  y,
int &  z 

Definition at line 39 of file QMCBasisFunctionCoefficients.cpp.

References StringManipulation::toAllLower().

Referenced by operator>>().

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