Array2D.h File Reference

#include <iostream>
#include <iomanip>
#include <typeinfo>
#include "Complex.h"
#include <assert.h>
#include "Array1D.h"
#include "fastfunctions.h"
#include "cppblas.h"

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class  Array2D< T >
 A 2-dimensional template for making arrays. More...


typedef double qmcfloat


void FORTRAN_FUNC() dgesv (int *N, int *NRHS, double *A, int *lda, int *ipiv, double *B, int *ldb, int *info)
void FORTRAN_FUNC() sgesv (int *N, int *NRHS, float *A, int *lda, int *ipiv, float *B, int *ldb, int *info)
void FORTRAN_FUNC() dggev (const char *jobvl, const char *jobvr, int *n, double *a, int *lda, double *b, int *ldb, double *alphar, double *alphai, double *beta, double *vl, int *ldvl, double *vr, int *ldvr, double *work, int *lwork, int *info)


static const bool USE_KAHAN = false
static const double REALLYTINY = 1e-300

Typedef Documentation

typedef double qmcfloat

Definition at line 83 of file Array2D.h.

Function Documentation

void FORTRAN_FUNC() dgesv ( int *  N,
int *  NRHS,
double *  A,
int *  lda,
int *  ipiv,
double *  B,
int *  ldb,
int *  info 

void FORTRAN_FUNC() dggev ( const char *  jobvl,
const char *  jobvr,
int *  n,
double *  a,
int *  lda,
double *  b,
int *  ldb,
double *  alphar,
double *  alphai,
double *  beta,
double *  vl,
int *  ldvl,
double *  vr,
int *  ldvr,
double *  work,
int *  lwork,
int *  info 

void FORTRAN_FUNC() sgesv ( int *  N,
int *  NRHS,
float *  A,
int *  lda,
int *  ipiv,
float *  B,
int *  ldb,
int *  info 

Variable Documentation

const double REALLYTINY = 1e-300 [static]

const bool USE_KAHAN = false [static]

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